American Western Novelist

T.E. Keilholtz

Tom Keilholtz is an up and coming author who brings his personal experiences and a litany of colorful characters from his life to the page. Growing up on a farm in Rocky Ridge, Maryland just below the Mason Dixon line from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania he was introduced to a wide variety of people and experiences. Being constantly surrounded by the monuments and cannons of the Civil War with the weight of history and the lives lost for others, he was immersed in the importance of the stories that make us who we are.

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Jeremiah Bradley O’Shea, JB to his friends, is finally on his way west to be with his brother and family. JB wants nothing more than to leave the past several years of his life behind him. A Civil War, death, destruction, the loss of close friends, and most important the person he has become, a killer. What scares JB most, he knows he is good at it.

His journey reveals to JB the most beautiful landscapes in the world. It also teaches him to keep trusting his instincts, a lesson he learned in battle. Things are not always what they appear to be. Bad is not always bad just as good is not always good.

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